Resell With Dotte

It's no surprise, we hope, that our collections are unisex, timeless, fun and designed to last. We are sure you've lovingly kept and passed on our pieces be worn again by friends and siblings. But sometimes that does not make up for the constant buying, and growth spurts whilst still being committed to slow and ethical fashion, and selecting organic beautiful clothing to dress your children in. 
Whilst we are committed as a brand to lowering our waste and ensuring we have ethical practise we wanted to take it further by joining a resale collective where you can sell your favourite pre loved items and reduce the amount of waste in Children's Clothing.
That's why we wanted to join in with a resale collective that fits with our values.
Enter, Dotte. A one stop solution for circular fashion, buying & selling your favourite pieces whilst joining a community. Sell with Dotte and earn a 15% off voucher to spend with Claude & Co, to help keep up with the growth spurts whilst committing to slower ethical fashion for your children.