'Part Of Something' Dusky Pink Sweater Child - Charity Donation

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Part Of Something. I hope you've had chance to read about why this sweat is so important to us. (Click here to read if you'd like to)

Our unisex slogan sweat, has been made in adult and children's sizes in support of the Meningitis Research Foundation. £5 from each sale of thee sweater will be donated to support vital research and giving a chance for a development in the treatment and curability of meningitis – in all it’s forms. 

The slogan is positive, full of hope and love. I am sure so many people can relate, not necessarily through loss, but through how much someone will mean to them: your child, your family, your friends. 

The idea that one family in this world might not have to go through the pain of losing a loved one – adult or child is very heart warming, and I hope that through a product that I love and I am proud of we can put some goodness back in the world after losing one of the most precious people in world to us. 

Thank you for your support. I hope it makes you feel good, and it will for sure make you look good. 

Composition : 100% Cotton - brushed inside, for a really cosy soft feel. The print is flock - which feels like velvet. 

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Made from sustainable materials